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EZ-Bend Screed Handles™ - The Original Screed Bracket™ (1 pair)

EZ-Bend Screed Handles™ - The Original Screed Bracket™ (1 pair)
SKU: CC502

The Original Screed Bracket™ design gives users the most comfortable angle when pulling or pushing concrete with a screed. The patented design (US Patent #D758,833 S) of the hard plastic brackets is angled to create the most comfortable working angle. These brackets allow a user to cover more surface area with less effort. Maximizes the efficiency of the users movement while reducing fatigue. Strong wood handles extend out of the bracket to allow a user to comfortably stand instead of kneeling when moving the screed; minimizing the strain on your back and knees while keeping your hands out of the cement. The brackets quickly and easily attach to screeds or two-by-four boards measuring 1-1/2" thick. For best results use 4' to 8' screeds. Use eight 1-inch coarse thread drywall screws (sold separately) to attach brackets to the screed or board. Sold as a pair. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Strong hard plastic brackets
  • Maximizes movement efficiency to cover more area in less time
  • Patented angle for comfort when pushing or pulling the screed
  • Stand instead of kneeling, creating less strain on back and knees
  • Keeps hands out of the cement
  • Strong wood handles
  • Attaches to screeds and boards 1-1/2 In. thick
  • For best results use with 4 Ft. to 8 Ft. screeds
  • Use (8) 1-inch coarse thread drywall screws, not included, to attach to screeds
  • Sold as a pair
  • Patented design (US Patent #D758,833 S)
  • Made in the USA
Products specifications
MaterialPlastic & Wood
Handle MaterialWood
Handle Length21.75

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