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3/16" Flat Face Joint Touch-Up Roller

3/16" Flat Face Joint Touch-Up Roller
SKU: CC566

Joint rollers are used for touching up decorative concrete. Used with texture mats to touch-up and fill in the joint design. The roller head is super flexible for ease in movement and working with the roller. The 3/16" face creates a flat edge design. Match with texture and width of existing joints for best results. A bright orange and black handle is designed to be easily gripped with a place for the user's fore finger to apply pressure on the roller to make the joints. The end handle can take broom thread or tapered handle for an extended reach. A hole at the end of the handle can be used to secure a tapered handle or as a hang hole for storage.

  • Used to touch up joints on texture mats
  • Match the flat faced roller to flat faced joints
  • Flexible joint roller for natural look
  • Handle has finger rest to apply proper pressure
  • Use with a broom thread or tapered handle for additional reach and versatility
  • Hang hole for easy storage
Products specifications
Package Contents1 Roller
HandleMolded with Finger Rest
Handle MaterialPlastic

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