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Trowel Sharpener

Trowel Sharpener
SKU: CF200

Keep your trowel in tip-top condition with this Trowel Sharpener. Ideal tool for eliminating small nicks and dull edges on your square or round end finish trowel. This unique file has a center channel to focus the file and edge to keep a clean, sharp, straight edge. Each side of the file has a different level of grit for the perfect finish. The channel permits the user to create the ideal angle for a broken-in blade. Holder is easy to grip while using the sharper to keep hands away from the blade. Use on any Concrete or Plaster Finishing Trowels to extend the life of the blade. Hang hole for easy storage. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Extend the life of your trowel
  • Eliminate small nicks and dull edges
  • Center channel to keep a straight edge
  • Designed to create a broken-in angle on blade
  • Each side has a different grit
  • Can be used with left or right hand
  • Holder keeps hands away from the blade
  • Bright blue color is easy to spot on the jobsite
  • Hang hole for easy storage
  • Made in the USA
Products specifications
Package ContentsTrowel Sharpener
Blade TypeFile
Handle MaterialMetal
Handle Length4
Blade Length10"

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