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100' Chalk Box with Line Level

100' Chalk Box with Line Level
SKU: GG337

A unique additional to the traditional chalk box! This 100' chalk box includes a retractable line level for versatility. The line level is securely attached to the line so it won't get lost. The level retracts into the tool so it stays out of the way and won't get damaged when snapping the line. Bright yellow vial is easy to read. The powder absorbent string is break resistant for a long life and a solid line. The end hook dock is designed to tack into drywall or hooks on to nails. Locking mechanism holds the line taut in place for ease of use. The easy chalk refill minimizes mess and waste. Holds 4 oz. of chalk, sold separately. The rewind mechanism is 6x faster than standard chalk boxes. Ergonomic grip fits easily in the worker's hand for an comfortable feel. The tool is made of plastic material that will stand up to the rigors of a jobsite. Includes a hang hole for easy storage.

  • Multi-purpose tool snaps chalk lines and levels in one
  • Strong shockproof plastic case
  • Retractable line level fits in base
  • Line level is attached to line - won't get lost
  • End of line hooks in drywall or hangs on nail
  • Bright yellow vial is easy to read
  • Strong absorbent string resists breaking
  • Easy chalk refill minimizes spills and waste
  • Holds 4 oz. of chalk, sold separately
  • Ergonomic grip fits comfortably in hand
  • Hang hole for easy storage
Products specifications
Capacity100' of line, 4oz. of chalk
ColorRed & Black
Handle MaterialPlastic

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