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Replacement Bracket for Asphalt Placer Lute (GG875)

Replacement Bracket for Asphalt Placer Lute (GG875)
SKU: GG875-02

Replacement bracket fits the Magnesium Asphalt Placer Lute (#GG875). Strong cast aluminum construction provides a strong connection between the head and handle. The bracket has a T-shape to secure the tool and reinforce the head when pushing thru heavy material. The bottom of the bracket is reinforced as it spreads out along the head. Two bolts secure the bracket to the head. The bracket extends up 3-3/4 in. around the handle to provide strength. The bracket is designed as a clamp around the handle that is secured with a nut and bolt. For additional security a screw goes through a hole in the bracket to further secure the handle will not twist within the bracket during use. Proudly made in the USA

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