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Snap-Over Line Twigs (Pkg 1,000)

Snap-Over Line Twigs (Pkg 1,000)
SKU: BL157

Use these line twigs to set up mason's line for on brick walls to create even courses all along a wall. Manufactured from spring steel to provide give for holding power. The end of the twigs snaps around mason's line and eliminate sagging. Each Twig is 4" x 1/2". An enamel finish resists rust for a long life. The yellow color is easy to see on a jobsite and stands out in contrast to most brick and block. Use with Kraft Tool Co.® or W. Rose™ Mason's Line for superior results as you create an even brick line. There are 1,000 Twigs in a package. Personalized options are available. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Steel line pins
  • Tempered steel for durability
  • Long and stiff to hold a straight line
  • Tapered end for easy insertion
  • Notched to hold the line
  • Each pin measures 4-1/2 In. long
  • Use with Kraft Tool Co.® or W. Rose™ Mason's Line for best results
  • Personalization is available
  • 1,000 per package
  • Made in the USA
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