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9" x 12" 3/4"R 2-Way Blue Steel Walking Edger

9" x 12" 3/4"R 2-Way Blue Steel Walking Edger
SKU: CC379-01

The 9" long blue steel blade moves smoothly along edges of concrete roads and slabs. This edger creates a 3/4" radius, with a lip, on the edge of concrete slabs to prevent the edges from chipping with wear. The 12" wide tool provides the perfect amount of coverage for movement along highways, sidewalks and other large projects. The tempered crucible spring steel provides the proper amount of "give" for the perfect feel when working on slabs. Four rivets secure the steel mounting to the blade. The rivets are ground for a smooth perfect finish. The unique two-way bracket is designed with a special angle to increase the tilt action for covering more area at once. Use with a Clevis Handle or handle adapters for use with bull float extension handles, all sold separately. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Flexible, lightweight tempered crucible spring steel blade
  • 3/4" radius on blade
  • Creates a smooth edge to prevent chipping of concrete
  • Blade "gives" for proper feel
  • 4 solid rivets connect steel mounting
  • Rivets ground smooth for professional finish
  • Two-way bracket for gliding along the edge
  • Bracket with special angle for increased tilt action
  • Use with clevis handle
  • Use handle adapters for use with bull float handles
  • Made in the USA