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8" x 8" 1/2"R, 3/4"D Stainless Steel Walking Groover (Full Top Plate)

8" x 8" 1/2"R, 3/4"D Stainless Steel Walking Groover (Full Top Plate)
SKU: CC753-01

Heavy-Duty groover cuts clean, smooth professional control joints every time. The rivetless design allows for sharp, clean joints without mussing the top of the slab. Each Groover is made from special brushed stainless steel that won't rust. This high quality #18 gauge metal ensures an extra smooth working surface for a quality finish. Both sides of the groover are curved up to avoid any gouging while in use. The tool creates a groove in wet cement to control expansion and contraction and relieve stress points. The groover creates a 1/2" radius to prevent the edges from chipping. This 8" groover features a bit that extends to 3/4" deep. The single-piece formed, closed end groover bit eliminates possible build up while creating a smooth professional finish. The 8" square tool provides the perfect amount of coverage on projects. A full top plate covers the top of the groover to provide additional weight and strength to drive through the cement. The welded top plate allows for a completely smooth work surface. The unique two-way bracket is designed with a special angle to increase the tilt action for covering more area at once. Use with a Narrow Clevis Handle or handle adapters for use with bull float extension handles, all sold separately. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Strong #18 gauge brush stainless steel
  • Makes 3/4 In. deep groove
  • Creates 1/2 In. radius to prevent chipping of concrete
  • Turned up sides prevents gouging
  • Cuts control joints in concrete
  • Single-piece bit for clean grooves
  • Closed bit prevents build-up in tool
  • Full reinforced back plate for strength
  • Rivet free blade for a smooth finish
  • Stainless steel won't rust
  • Easy to clean
  • Two-way bracket for gliding along the edge
  • Use with Narrow Clevis Handles
  • Use with Handle Adapters for use with bull float handles
  • Made in the USA
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