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9" x 9" 1/2"R 4"Lip Blue Steel Walking Nose Tool with Handle

9" x 9" 1/2"R 4"Lip Blue Steel Walking Nose Tool with Handle
SKU: CC9082

The 9" long blue steel blade moves smoothly along edges of concrete creating outside steps and corners. This step tool creates a 1/2" radius on outside corner of concrete preventing the edge from chipping with wear. The lip then extends down 4" forming the back of the step. The 9" square tool provides the perfect amount of coverage on the base for steps, sidewalks, and large projects. The tempered crucible spring steel provides the proper amount of "give" for the perfect feel when working on cement. Four rivets secure the steel mounting to the blade. The rivets are ground for a smooth perfect finish. A 360° swivel bracket provides the versatility to let you work from any angle. The wingnut on top tightens the bracket to hold the angle. Use with the included 54" Wooden Clevis Handle. Use with handle adapters for use with bull float extension handles, sold separately. Use matching Cove Tool (#CC9081) for perfect steps. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Crucible blue steel
  • Blade "gives" for just the right feel
  • 1/2" radius for a smooth finish without chipping
  • Swivel bracket moves 360º
  • Use with matching Cove Tool (CC9081)
  • Includes 54" Clevis Handle
  • Made in the USA
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