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15-1/2" Contractor Mag Hand Float

15-1/2" Contractor Mag Hand Float

Extruded magnesium hand float designed for superb floating action. The 15-1/2" tough Extru-Lite magnesium blade features beveled edges and smooth rounded corners that give this float the perfect broken-in feel. The narrow 3" square ends finishes all the way to the forms and fits corners. Lightweight, durable magnesium smooths and levels concrete before finishing. The smooth magnesium blade opens up the pores on the surface to allow proper evaporation. A painted finish protects the blade. The narrow blade is a popular choice for focused control on curbs. The ProForm® soft grip handle is precisely positioned to give the float perfect balance for professional floating with less fatigue. The ProForm® handle provides a comfortable grip. The handle is designed with lots of knuckle clearance for comfort when used with or without gloves. The enhanced texture ribbing of the handle reduces fatigue and provides a great grip even when wet. The bright orange handle is easy to spot on a jobsite even after use. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Lightweight Extru-Lite™ Magnesium blade for leveling
  • 30% lighter than aluminum
  • Durable magnesium hand float for superb floating action
  • Open up pores for better evaporation
  • Broken-in feel with beveled edges
  • Square ends float along edges and corners
  • Rounded corners prevent gouging
  • Painted to protect the blade
  • Precision balanced handle limits hand fatigue
  • Comfortable patented ProForm® soft grip handle
  • Great grip even when wet
  • Handle design creates significant knuckle clearance
  • Texture ribbing provides a great grip and reduces fatigue
  • Bright orange handle easy to spot on jobsite
  • Made in the USA

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