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Gator Tools™ 72" Dual Edge GatorLoy™ Channel Float Blade

72" Dual Edge GatorLoy™ Channel Float Blade
SKU: GF10370

The perfect tool for many jobs such as flatwork and paving for especially flat surfaces. Made of ultra-light, ultra-strong GatorLoy™, a unique aluminum alloy. This 6' bull float is built for stability, straightness, and strength for long wear. The 72" x 6" round end float is properly balanced to prevent digging into concrete as it finishes. The 2" sides produces the channel for which the tool is named and provides rigidity to the tool when finishing floors. This special design creates a stiffer, more rigid blade that resists warping to improve flatness for smoothing paving work. The front of the tool has a rounded edge for floating concrete. Bring the tool back with its 90° back edge to finish the concrete. Use this one tool for floating and finishing and save time on the job. The float features a sandblasted finish ready for use. Designed for a 4-hole bracket and can be used with double-tilt action brackets (CC270, CC294, CC296, GF10330) or single-tilt action brackets (CC696, CC800). Proudly made in the USA.

  • Ultra-strong GatorLoy™ blade
  • Durable aluminum alloy for superb floating action
  • Heavy-duty, yet lightweight
  • Level and smooth a large area of concrete with this quality channel float
  • Rounded front edge for floating
  • 90° squared back edge for finishing
  • 2 in. sidewalls for rigidity
  • Rounded ends won't gouge surface
  • Broken-in edges, ready for use
  • Use double-tilt action brackets for best results
  • Fits single-tilt action brackets
  • Made in the USA

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