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Gator Tools™ 16"x3" GatorLoy™ Hand Float with Holster

Old price: $49.39
Gator Tools™ 16"x3" GatorLoy™ Hand Float with Holster
SKU: GF10802H

Hand floating concrete requires a tool that stays straight and flat while embedding the concrete aggregates and floating the "creme" to the surface for a smooth, near-perfect finish. The floating process fills in ridges, voids, as well as high and low spots evening out the concrete. Opens up the surface allowing the bleed water to evaporate while gliding smoothly over the concrete for a beautiful finish. This hand float are made from our own proprietary alloy, GatorLoy™, which is a light-weight, non-ferrous alloy, offering superior strength and hardness and exhibiting excellent corrosion resistance in a wide-variety of environments. Featuring our Ultra Grip™ rubberized tool handles, designed to maintain user comfort and reduce fatigue. The Holster is specifically designed to hold the 16" Gator Tools™ Hand Float conveniently in holster attached to an adjustable strap to wear around the user's waist.

  • Broken-in and ready to use
  • Unpainted, natural finish
  • Holster to carry float
  • Made in the USA


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