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Gator Tools™ 60" Round End GatorLoy™ Bull Float Blade

60" RE GatorLoy™ Bull Float w/o Bracket
SKU: GF11201

Level and smooth a large area of concrete before finishing with this heavy-duty, yet lightweight bull float. The blade is made from ultra-light, ultra-strong GatorLoy™, a unique aluminum alloy. This 5 Ft. bull float features extra-wide rib spacing for added stability, straightness, and reinforced strength for long wear. The round ends won't gouge the surface during use. The 60 In. x 8 In. float has broken-in edges and a sandblasted finish ready for use. Designed for a 4-hole bracket and can be used with double-tilt action brackets (CC270, CC294, CC296, GF10330) or single-tilt action brackets (CC696, CC800). Proudly made in the USA.

  • Ultra-strong GatorLoy™ blade
  • Durable aluminum alloy for superb floating action
  • Heavy-duty, yet lightweight
  • Extra wide ribs for stability
  • Round ends won't gouge surface
  • Broken-in edges, ready for use
  • Use double-tilt action brackets for best results
  • Fits single-tilt action brackets
  • Made in the USA
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