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Gator Tools™ 10' x 2" x 4" Diamond XX™ Paving Float Kit with Bracket, Out Riggers, & 3 Handles

10' x 2" x 4" Diamond XX™ Paving Float Kit with Bracket, Out Riggers, & 3 Handles
SKU: GF11457

This Check Rod is built to handle the toughest jobs, and maintain its straightness in the most demanding applications. Made from ultra-light, ultra-strong GatorLoy™, a unique aluminum alloy. Quality material won't rust extending the life and use of tool. This paving float is built for extra strength and rigidity, but lightweight enough for the largest of jobs. The 10' float is easy to move along forms on large slab projects. Inside the blade, the unique Diamond XX™ pattern gives it superior resistance to bending, twisting, and warping. The patent pending metal end caps extend the life of the tool by eliminating the opportunity for concrete and other materials to build-up within the float. The 4" wide blade moves across the surface knocking down high spots and leveling concrete for flat paving jobs with tight tolerances such as highways and warehouses. The 2" tall blade features a 90° angle edge for cutting down high spots and filling in gaps. The Gator Glide™ Adjustable Bracket fits on the center of the screed. The bracket controls the pitch of the blade with a one-to-one turning ratio of handle to blade. Turning the handle eliminates the need for bending and lifting when moving tools across fresh concrete. Ultra Brace™ Out Riggers fit around the 1-3/4" diameter handles and extend out and attach to the screed to provide balance during use. Must ship via truck due to size.

  • Made of GatorLoy™ aluminum alloy
  • Ultra-strong and ultra-light
  • Built for strength and rigidity
  • Quality material won't rust
  • Designed for flatness
  • 4" x 2" size
  • Unique diamond shaped interior prevents warping
  • End caps prevent build-up in tool
  • Patent pending end cap design
  • Includes Gator Glide™ Adjustable Leveling Brackets
  • Double tilt action achieved with the handle to eliminate bending and lifting
  • Includes (3) 6'x1-3/4" handles
  • Includes Ultra Brace™ Out Riggers for support
  • Must ship via truck due to size

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