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Gator Tools™ 12" Medium Soft .010" Poly Hand Broom

12" Medium Soft .010" Poly Hand Broom
SKU: GF11622

Medium soft poly horsehair bristles provide a medium fine finish on newly poured concrete. The bristles are .010" in diameter providing a durable medium soft feel. Each bristle is crimped to increase softness and flare for greater coverage while reducing the likelihood of breakage. The high-quality 3" long trim is set solidly in wood. The short 12" solid hardwood base is smooth for use by hand in small spaces and touch ups. Smooth wood block for a comfortable grip when used by hand. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Create light traction on fresh concrete
  • Medium soft .010 In. bristles
  • Crimped bristles
  • 3 In. long-wearing poly trim
  • Trim secured in solid wood block
  • Smooth hardwood base for hand use
  • Made in the USA

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