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24" Rocker Head Pry Bar

24" Pry Bar
SKU: GG628
This 24" wrecker bar is made out of 3/4" hex shaped steel allows for an easy grip for leverage when pulling up material. The rocker head allows the user to push or pull up material based on personal preference. The push/pull action makes the hardest jobs easier. The head features an open claw design to work in tight or hard to reach spaces. The tool is polished with a clear coat on the head for longer life. Proudly made in the USA.
  • Strong steel construction
  • Extra hevy-duty, unique rocker head for more power
  • Rocker shape allows user to push or pull material making hard jobs easy
  • Open claw works in hard to reach areas
  • 3/4" hex stock is easy to grasp
  • Made in the USA

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