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Kraft Tool Co.® Adds Gator Tools™ as a Signature Brand

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Kraft Tool Co Adds Gator Tools as a Signature Brand

In March of 2018, Kraft Tool Co.® purchased Gator Tools™ and has added it to our list of signature brands. The Gator Tools™ line includes high-quality concrete finishing tools made in the USA.

Gator Tools™ are made from Gator Loy™, our special aluminum alloy, which provides a different tool material choice based on personal preference, and also provides strength, hardness and excellent corrosion repellant. ­

Gator Tools™ will be highlighting a few of our high-quality concrete tools including our Gator Tools™ Complete Float Kit, which will include your choice of a bull float, channel float, or walking trowel, as well as handles and a bracket. Our specially made Gator Diamond XX™ screeds are designed to allow less bowing, and our Gator Skin™ which is a special cleaner and lubricant. The Gator Tools™ product line includes tools for all of your concrete needs, including screeds, floats, brackets, brooms, and more.

See the full line of Gator Tools™ here.