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Trowel Holder - 12" x 4"

12" x 4' Trowel Holder
SKU: KT124

Protect the edge! Use this 12" x 4" trowel holder to holder you trowel to protect the edge from getting damaged in your toolbox. Your trowel slides into the plastic holder with ease. The holder has a hang hole at the top to allow for hanging of trowels for storage. The holder fits Kraft Tool Elite Series™ Five Star Trowels (CFE212, CFE212K, CFE212L, CFE212PF, CFE536, CFE536K, CFE536L, CFE536PF, PLE462,PLE462K, PLE462L, PLE462PF) and Signature Kraft Trowels (CF212, CF212C, CF212PF, CF214B, CF214BPF,CF275, CF275PF,CF429, CF429PF, CF536, CF536PF, CF721B, CF721BPF,CF730B, CF730BPF, CF742, CF742PF).

**Trowel not included

  • Plastic construction
  • Protects the trowel blade and edges
  • Fits 12"x4" trowel blades
  • Hang hole for storage