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Trowel Holder - 16" x 4"

16" x 4' Trowel Holder
SKU: KT164

Protect the edge! Use this 16" x 4" trowel holder to holder you trowel to protect the edge from getting damaged in your toolbox. Your trowel slides into the plastic holder with ease. The holder has a hang hole at the top to allow for hanging of trowels for storage. The holder fits Kraft Tool Elite Series™ Five Star Trowels (CFE222, CFE222K, CFE222L, CFE222PF, CFE279B, CFE279BK, CFE279BL, CFE279BPF, PLE465, PLE465K, PLE465L, PLE465PF) and Signature Kraft Trowels (CF222, CF222C, CF222PF, CF279, CF279PF, CF279B, CF279BPF, CF279B-5R, CF279BPF-5R,CF285, CF285PF, CF285B, CF285BPF, CF328/a>, CF328PF, CF333, CF333PF,CF438, CF438PF, CF438-5R, CF438PF-5R, CF447, CF447PF, CF493, CF493PF,CF533, CF533PF, CF732B, CF732BPF, CF742B, CF742BPF, CF747, CF747PF).

**Trowel not included

  • Plastic construction
  • Protects the trowel blade and edges
  • Fits 16"x4" trowel blades
  • Hang hole for storage

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