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Kraft Tool Co.® 2021 Catalog

Monday, January 25, 2021

2021 Kraft Tool Catalog graphic celebrating 40 years

Introducing the new 2021 Kraft Tool Catalog! The new catalog features the all new Orange Thunder™ brand of products. These products are made with the revolutionary new engineered material known as KO-20™. This new product family includes bull floats, darbies, hand floats, and EZY-Tote Tool Carriers™.

The catalog starts with the bread and butter products for every concrete producer the finishing trowel and concrete hand floats. Each of these sections starts out with the Elite Series products to make our premium products the first they will find. Emerging favorites like the Elite Series™ Fat Cat Mag Float™, a uniquely formulated extruded magnesium alloy for a stronger, harder, and long-wearing blade is highlighted. The Concrete section continues in approximately the same order that they are used on the job. The Paving Straightedges showcase a new and improved design with heavy-duty outriggers providing support for flatness.

The Concrete Restoration section has grown to include not only the Gauge Rake Pro™ for even, consistent application of materials, but a Self-Leveling Kit Pro (GG650PRO) with the new gauge rake and a Squeegee Trowel. The Big Tipper™ Barrel Transport and Pouring Cart (GG599) is the ideal way to move the materials. Concrete products then continue with Gator Tools™ with a new size of Channel Float.

Asphalt features new lute and rake options. A new brush was added to the General Construction area of all around products. Hi-Craft® products continue to provide a value priced option of quality tools. Sands Level and Tool Co.® continues to produce a variety of levels for a variety of jobs.

W. Rose™ has removed the Round Heel pattern while expanding the Wide Heel to include Cork Handles. The limber blade handle options have increased and feature more prominently on page 131.

Elite Series™ Drywall Trowels have been added as a premium option. Popular notched tools and other tile tools from Superior Tile Cutter®, Inc. round out our collection of 5,500 products. Apprentice Kitsshirtshats, and displays including a brand new Cork Handled Concrete and Masonry Display.

All of these products and more can be found in the 195 page catalog. At the back of the book a page explaining how edgers, groovers, and step tools are measured is a useful tool for both contractors and distributors. The page includes examples of popular radius measurement to easily match existing tools.

The printed Kraft Tool Catalog is available for order online or by phone. Can’t wait to start flipping through the catalog? Check out the virtual catalog here.

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