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W.Rose™ 8" x 2" Margin Trowel with Cork Handle

W. Rose™ 8" x 2" Margin Trowel with Cork Handle
SKU: RO58-8K

This 8" long blade is ideal for mixing, scraping, patching, and repair. This handy tool is a must have in every tool bag. The 2" wide blade and tang begins as a forged single-piece of uniquely formulated high-grade carbon steel for extra toughness. Forging also assures product consistency. The blade is then heat tempered with a special time-tested process to ensure uniform blade hardness. Each W. Rose™ margin trowel features a tapered ground blade for flexibility. The forged steel blade and shank offer strength and integrity with no internal voids that could form if it was welded. Forged steel will not weaken or crack. Each blade is carefully hand polished to keep mortar centered on the blade and to resist sliding material. This versatile tool is perfectly balanced with a comfortable weight and flexible blade for extended use. Every trowel is inspected, keeping in mind the high quality standards of the W. Rose™ legacy. The cork handle is designed for a comfortable hold by the user. This premium margin trowel has a patented cork handle (U.S. Patent #D874,242) featuring natural moisture repellent properties for a firm grip even when wet. The cork resists vibrations to minimize fatigue. The cork handle won't absorb dust for easy clean-up. An ergonomic, fatigue-reducing design provides for a secure grip for long hours on the job. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Single-piece forged steel creates blade and tang
  • Tempered steel for strength
  • Taper ground blade for flexibility
  • Hand polished to keep mortar centered
  • Precision balanced to minimize wrist fatigue
  • Versatile tool for scraping, digging, mixing, or repair work
  • Every tool inspected to exacting standards
  • Comfortable, patent pending cork handle
  • Cork handle wicks away moisture
  • Textured, secure grip even when wet
  • Made in the USA

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