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8 lb. Red Amnesia Memory Free Fishing Line (Box of 10 Spools)

8 lb. Red Amnesia Memory Free Fishing Line (Box of 10 Spools)
SKU: SS06408

A box of 10 spools of 8 lb. test fluorescent red monofilament. Each spool has 109 yards of line. Versatile “Memory Free” Amnesia was developed as a shooting line for winter and saltwater fly fishing and has remained for years the worlds most popular means of putting distance in fly casting as well as other recreational fishing.

Amnesia’s super toughness along with the superior visibility of its florescent colors makes it a superior all around fishing line for all types of sports fishing. Easy-to-see, especially if you wear photogrey glasses or sunglasses while fishing. Also easy-to-see when you tie the fly, lure, hook, or swivel. Unlike regular monofilament that takes a set and springs off the reel in coils, Amnesia is taken through a proprietary process that gives it the characteristics to not retain a memory (Memory Free).

After an initial tensioning at the start of the day, Amnesia will remain memory free during the whole day’s fishing. The proprietary process gives the Amnesia line extra stretch as compared to other unconditioned monofilament lines, which will allow the user to break free of snags more easily without breakage (Toughness)

Kraft Tool Company is the manufacturer of "AMNESIA" brand monofilament fishing lines. Proudly made in the USA.

  • 8 pound test
  • Fluorescent red
  • Memory free monofilament
  • Easy to see
  • Extra stretch compared to unconditioned lines
  • Break free from snags without breakage
  • Box of 10 spools
  • Each spool is 109 yards (327 ft.)
  • Made in the USA

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